Making Money With Music

Learn How To Generate 300+ Music & Entertainment Income Sources

Live Event Income

Want to make more from your shows? Click this to learn about the live income sources you can tap today!

Music Licensing

Wondering where to get started licensing your music? Learn the ins-and-outs of the music licensing game.


Confused by copyright law? Learn how to use the copyright code to protect your creative work and music and make income.

Music Royalties

Need to make more money from your recorded music? Just follow these steps before you release your music to tap royalty income.

About The Authors

“Jason and Randy are the ideal mentors for aspiring indie musicians who want to navigate an ever-changing music industry.”

-Billboard Magazine


After writing four books, including the critically-acclaimed Indie Band Survival Guide and Making Money With Music, they’ve teamed up with the non-Profit Center for Creative Entrepreneurship to provide a one-stop shop of courses to help musicians and creatives like you to make more money from licensing, royalties, merchandise, and so much more.