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Clickable links from Making Money With Music (St. Martin's Press) -- available in print, ebook, and audiobook.

Introduction: How to Use This Book

Introduction: How to Use This Book

Chapter 1: Making Money with Music

Getting Prepared

Chapter 2: Your Music Business Strategy

Chapter 3: Your Persona

Chapter 4: Your Team

Chapter 5: Your Music

Chapter 6: Your Videos

Chapter 7: Your Online Strategy

Chapter 8: Your Rights

Getting Paid & Making Money

Chapter 9: Distribution & Streaming

Chapter 10: Products & Merchandise

Chapter 11: Patronage, Crowdfunding, & Raising Money

Chapter 12: Licensing & Royalties

Chapter 13: Advanced Income Techniques

Releasing Your Music & Getting Noticed

Chapter 14: Your Marketing Strategy

Chapter 15: Promotion & Publicity

Chapter 16: Get Gigs & Play Live

Chapter 17: Get Heard & Seen

Chapter 18: Your Release Strategy

Conclusion: Assistance for Musicians & Learning More